Equipment and swimming pool supplies

We commercialize all that can be technically necessary to the realization of a swimming pool or any other basin and in particular:

SAND FILTERS from Ø 62 to Ø 235 mm.

Our wide range of polyester filters ranges from 15 m³ / h (Ø 62 cm) to 216 m³ / h (Ø 235 cm).
Filters tested at 4 Bars
Our filters are equipped with 6-way multi-way valve up to Ø 92 cm, pressure gauge and purge.
U-PVC high-flow strainers and pipes
Low bleed
Ease of assembly
Simplicity of maintenance
Optional double oil pressure gauge (inlet and outlet) with 2 shut-off valves.On request we can offer you filters with 2-level star system filter pipes


Wide range of self-priming pumps for swimming pools, lakes, waterfalls … from 1 to 30 horses ranging from standard to super silent with or without pre-filter.

High-quality thermoplastic material reinforced with  fiber glass
High-quality injection molding
Resistant to high temperatures
Highly resistant to chemicals,
Without contact between metal parts and water
Anti-corrosion and electrical safety
Durable mechanical structure, bolts, nuts and fasteners made of stainless steel
Works even in humid environments
Special electric motor with cooling fan
Transparent cover allows to see the state of soiling of the pre-filter
Drain plug under the pre-filter
Low noise, vibration-free and very quiet
Aesthetic and modern design
Easy-to-assemble advanced technology
Bouchon de vidange sous le pré-filtre
Consommation réduite, sans vibrations et très silencieuses
Design esthétique et moderne
Technologie de pointe facile à monter


Discover our range of plumbing ( pressure PVC) with a large choice of sizes ranging from Ø 20 to Ø 400  ( 16 and 10 BARS )

We can propose tubes, elbows, sleeves, tees, reduced tees, reductions in multiple sizes, crosses, diverse threaded connections, flanges, ¼ turn double union valves, butterfly valves with or without motorization (non exhaustive list).
Possibility of industrial pipes in 20 BARS
Possibility of pipes in 4 and 6 BARS

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